Friday, November 19, 2010


Dude, I really suck at custom formatting this blog. I mean, I can't change it to look like I want. I know nobody is reading this anyway, but, I need to get this straight! TGIF

Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Running Mentor

This week seems to just goo & gooooo... lacking sleep, but having fun & getting a lot done in the process. Life is good - just drinking too much coffee to keep my eyes open!

Man, it's only 1 week until Thanksgiving - sweet!!!! 8th annual Art & Sharons Bar & Grill Thanksgiving Eve Debacle. Beerriiicckkk Run for the Diamonds 9-miler. FOOOOODDD!!!!

This week of training is well so far. Monday put me almost 11 miles, and Tuesday's 16min tempo was hard, and realized my legs are still mostly shot. I'm strong, but, just lacking that high gear I had before ultra training. Today's 8.5 mile run puts me at about 27 miles for the week. Should be around 45 by the end of this week.

At least I have a running mentor now. 90-day cycles, here we go. Teach me future olympian :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Z Doesn't Mind It's Raining In Baltimore

Ugh, dreary, dark, cold, rainy weather for a Tuesday speed workout.

Arjun isn't recovered from helping Melissa along during Richmond on Saturday, so I'll be out there by myself.

Not quite sure what to do - I'm thinking after a 3-mile warm-up I think I'll do something like 3-min, 2.5min, 2min, 1.5min, 1min, 30sec 30sec, 30sec, 30sec. Hopefully I can follow up with a 15min tempo.

It's the work we put in when others aren't watching, the cold dark days we want to vedge on the couch, that result our takeaway goals.

"If we made excuses for weather, we'd never run." ~ Z

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Speed has begun

Tonight, en-route to surmounting the 2,000 mile mark for the year, Arjun pulled me along for a solid workout. 5 x 4-min w/ 2-min break. After the 1st in about 5:25, and the second in about 5:20, I had stomach issues & had to take a break inside, and only had a 2-min 3rd set. The 4th was about 5:15 and my last was sub 5:10, maybe 5:08. The last minute of the fifth set made it worth it, as I got the stomach burn of a hard workout. Legs held together, and overall my breathing kept in tact. I just gotta string some of these workouts together over a few weeks & my times will drop quick. Time to use this engine I've built this year. Time to souuup it up w/ some octane boosters. time to get fast.

Club Challenge 2011 is only 15-weeks and 5 days away.